Here today in this quick article I’ll give you just the simple facts on the 7 beard care tips that you need to take your beard to the next level. Now let’s get to it.



1. Keep Your Beard Clean and Moustrized

The basics of the basics of beard care start with keeping your beard clean and moisturized. Just like the hair on the top of your head, your beard can easily become dirty due to everyday conditions.

That’s why keeping your beard cleaned and moisturized will not only make it smell better but it will also prevent breakage and damage to your precious baby.



2.Style, Style, Style

We all love the idea of growing a beard. Its the power of being able to say hey look at my beard it’s awesome, right? Well not exactly if you don’t have a destination in mind. So this is where the next steps come into play. Style.

At the early phase of your beard, you need to ask yourself “What’s my style?” now this will vary from most people and trust me there’s a lot that goes into determining what your overall style will be but at the end of the day pick something that makes you feel magnanimous.


3. Routine


In the early stages when your beard is just budding you’ll get a kick out of how much you’ve grown and be left with a sense of pride when looking in the mirror but after you’ve reached a certain length the enthusiasm begins to wear thin.

This is where a tried and true routine comes into play not only go for shaving precious minutes in the morning or whenever you’re in a rush but it will leave you with a certain level of comfort knowing that where ever your beard growth is going you can handle it.


4. For godsakes Comb It!

To me, a beard is a beard and I firmly believe you should wear it how you want besides it’s your hair after all. Yet in the world we live in today a beard can sometimes be an eyesore especially in certain environments so it always best to remember to comb your beard.

Look I’m not saying comb it every day but at least if you’re going on a date give it a run through and get those kinks out.


5. You are what you eat


As the saying goes and it is the truth. What you put in your body will directly affect how well your body looks on the outside.

If you want your beard and your body for that matter to be the best it can be put the good stuff in it. Things such as vegetables, fruit, and clean protein, and then watch your body and beard take you for it.



6. Nectar of the Gods!


Beard Oil! What did you think I was talking about? The last tip I leave you with is beard oil. Here at Magnum Beard, we’ve got several to match what you’re looking for. Beard oil is essential is that it brings hydration and protection to your beard from various elements that you deal with on a daily basis.

Not only that beard oil is equipped with carrier oils that will bring nutrients to your beard that promote such things like growth and prevent breakage. I can go on and on about beard oil which I do in my other articles below but I’ll just stop here for the sake of your time.


So there you have 6 quick tips that will give you the most out of your beard.