You’re finally tired of the same look you’ve been carrying around for years, or you’re just tired and want to try something new but the problem is you really don’t know where to start.

Here I’ll point you in the right direction that will become a journey all of your own. I will break down the rigorous long topic of fashion and condense them into three main points.

Choose your style based on your personality

Just like life, you can’t be something you’re not, style is the exact same. Choosing your style should leave you with a sense of pride and confidence if it doesn’t it is a clear indication that’s just not who you are at the moment and that’s okay.

So when choosing your style always pick something that will make you feel the best you can even it’s eccentric and different.

If it makes you, you, them embrace it. Each of us will have a different style some opt for the clean, sleek feel of the fresh from the cleaner approach, others will go for the fresh white-t, with sneakers.

Whatever you choose if it matches your personality then it matches you.



“What do you do?”


A question that’s heard rampant in the dating world nowadays, right guys? When it pertains to style however the what do you do question may actually play a larger factor than you think.

If you’re you crunching numbers daily at the office, a suit and tie will naturally be a major factor in you’re wardrobe also, a major factor in the personality you exude on a daily basis while interacting with the world at large. However, what about us men that aren’t defined by our jobs that requires no strict code of dress.

Even without a role defining the job, then what do you do question still applies. From hobbies to skills, this question can be used to guide you directly to the style that suits.

You’re hobbies and talents speak to your style, wheater if you’re a photographer, painter, or craftsman. So let you style speak through the things that you do.


“Who do you want to be?”


For most style is simply who they want to be. For others, style can be a way of life that in some instances that can actually lead to a completely different life.

For instance, a recent story I came across about a homeless man and a police officer than offered to shave him because he had a job interview.

Something small like shaving meant the world to him and your style can do play a huge part in how you view the world and how others view you. So who do you want to be?

Do you want to be the stylish guy in the business suits that garners attention where he goes with the nice buttoned suit coat or do you want to be the relaxed chill guy that seems cool? Whatever it is choose what suits which lead to the next part.



Choose what fills good to you.


If it uncomfortable then ditch it. There’s no point in doing something you hate unless it’s your 9-5 that pays the bill or leg day. When it comes to style choose what fill good to you.

If not then you’re truly not being the authentic you and at some point, it will drive you crazy. Don’t be pressured by the new trends is the new hot look because no one wants to be an exact copy of the next person.

Your style makes you who you so cherish and embrace it because there is only one you so be unique as possible by choosing what fits you.



Last but definitely not least is the budget. Let’s be honest trying to be the most stylish can be expensive. We’ve all heard horror stories of maxed out credits card full of clothes and shoe purchase from both men and women. When picking your style the best thing is to stay within your budget.

If your budget can afford you Hermes without breaking the bank then go for. For the rest pick a style that’s suitable for your budget.

I won’t go into details on the numerous places affordable men’s clothing can be found and trust me there are several I’ll leave that for a later date.


Here I’ve only highlighted a few things that encompass style. Ther.e is so much more out there and one can easily get lost like Alice down the rabbit hole but with these basic steps on styles, you should be okay.

In later articles, I’ll dive a little deeper in the world of fashion and style and break down some of the best looks for the right season and occasions but until then be bold, be brave, be magnanimous.