So you’ve finally decided to leave the barren wasteland that is your face and put some scurf on it. Of course, you have since it’s the natural order of things. Long gone are the days of the razor and expensive trimmers but where to start?

Many men today think a beard is just a beard and it grows simply on its own which is in part true but man cannot live by bread alone.

So here you’re going to get a healthy portion of meat to get you started along the way to the most magnanimous beard possible.

Step 1: Stop Shaving!

Step one and the clearest obvious steps to growing that beard you want is easy and simple to follow depending on if you have the willpower that is. Stop shaving!

If you want a beard or if you’ve never seen the five o’clock shadow on your face this may be a challenge for you but hey, who doesn’t love a good challenge.

This is the first basic rule to growing a beard you can be proud of. So put down the razor and trimmer, and let those roots flourish.

Step 2: Wash it, Wash it real good…

What’s that on your face? Surprise, it is your body’s natural setting. After you’ve finally ditched the trimmer and the days of your five o’clock shadow are long past its time to start with the very first step of truly maintaining your new found baby. Just like the hair on your head gets dirty, so does your beard.

This is where washing comes into play. Like all humans are different, so too is the beard on your face. Only you will know when its time to wash or not.

For most, a couple times a week will be more than enough to keep your beard clean from dandruff and foul smells that a beard can give off. Take care not to use any typical hair products on your beard.

Yeah, it’s all hair but that doesn’t mean it is all the same and here’s how. The hair on your head tends to be thicker and more bound than the strands of hair in your beard and the added ingredients in a scalp shampoo is intended to efficiently get your hair clean but since your beard is thinner regular shampoo can do more harm than help by stripping the moisture from your beard leaving it brittle and frail causing hair to fall out.

You just started growing it so that’s not what we want. If you’re really serious about your beard then get a beard wash from the various ones that are available on the market today your beard will thank you.

Step 3: Moisturize it up…

So you’ve finally managed to resist the programming telling you to cut a natural part of your body, kudos! Where do you go next? Just like the hair on the top of your head, the beard is hair on your face, obviously. So the rules are similar but different enough to make managing a beard completely different from the way you manage your hair.

Where the two do meet, however, is moisturization. Washing your beard can strip the moisture from it leaving it brittle and coarse. This is where a nice beard oil comes into play. Beard oil is widely available in several places and the choice you make it really all about personal preference.

Some prefer scented and some don’t just pick what is right for you. When using the oil be sure to massage deep down into the follicle of the beard, just like a tree has roots so does your beard.

Step 4: Styling


We’ve finally arrived at the last basic step that can and eventually become one of the most time invested in your beard growth journey, styling. Styling can be as simple as combing through your beard or complex as applying beeswax to the tips of your mustache to get that perfect frill of a thrill. So what’s the limit? There is no limit! This is all up to you but here are some options to choose from.

Combing- simple, fast and effective. Combing is the basic of the basics and it will be your starting hitter when it comes to styling. So find a good one and get to it.

Beard Balm- Beard balm is the lifesaver for the beard out of control that requires taming. With beard balm, you are able to bring manageability to your beard. There are several beard balms on the market each varying in how they are made so here you’ll have the flexibility to find exactly what your beard requires to obtain maximum style.

Wax- No, not the kind that’s in your ears. I’m talking about the good stuff, the kind from bees. With beeswax, your mustache and beard can be designed to a vary arrayed of ideas only limited by your skill and imagination.

What’s Next?

Now you know the basics.  You’re on the path so what’s next. Next is simply maintaining your cultivated beard child. There is a lot out there, this is just the basics to get you going but if you’ve made it this far then there are further gains to be made.  So get out there and be bold, be brave, be magnanimous.