So today we’re going to explain the reason why you should be using a beard oil. First, let’s break down what beard oil is.


Beard oil is comprised of mainly two types of oils Carrier Oil and Essential. Let’s start with carrier oils.

Carriers oils are oils derived from flowering plants and nuts that act as a base that isn’t abrasive like essential Oils. Carriers Oils are great for a variety of things and they usually make up the majority of all beard oils on the market with a splash of essential oils.


Essential Oils are also oils derived from plants, flowers, or nuts but are pure and tend to be strong which is why most of them should be diluted when in use. Essential oils absorb rapidly into the skin and can have great benefits in skin care, pain management, and aromatherapy. Overall the presence of essential oil gives the beard that distinct smell that makes your beard magnanimous.


So why do I need beard oil? Why don’t you is the real question? On a daily your hair is exposed to various conditions, such as heat, and cold and these extremes can wreak havoc on your hair follicles and this is where beard oil comes into play.


1. Moisturizer

One benefit of beard oil is that it acts as a moisturizer apply oil to your beard allows the oil to sink deep in the follicles giving your hair a much need nutrients of the oil allowing more moisturizer to stay contained with the cuticle giving you great protection from the adverse condition of the environment and not to mention a decent shine.


2. Dandruff

Let’s face it all hair gets dirty and that includes your beard. If you’re struggling with a dandruff problem with your beard that usually means its to dry. Of course, this points back to number one benefit of beard oil but beard oil will allow you to be flake free and not worry about making it snow every or on everything. There are even some beard oils out there that are specially made to combat the woes of dandruff leaving your beard flake free.


3. Growth

It’s everyone’s dream to grow the perfect beard but let’s face it your beard is really determined by your genetics but that doesn’t mean you have to be confined to them. With beard oil your able to get the benefits of the vitamins supplied in the oils themselves. Mostly all oils used to make up beard oil have benefits to your hair and also your skin. Suffering from a patchy beard then beard oil can by enhancing the follicles of the hair stimulating growth.


4. Styling

One main benefit of beard oil that is the most foreseen one is its benefit as a styling aid. With beard oil, you are able to take your beard styling game to the next level bringing a level of matinee desperately needed for the later stages of beard growth.


5. Appeal

Lastly one of the main benefits is appeal. Beard oil will give your beard that appeal that just can’t be denied. There’s no better feeling than watching the heads turn as they admire your glorious pristine beard. Beard oil is great for attracting that appeal if it’s on a date, interview, or social outing beard oil will give you the edge you need to make your beard attractive and inviting.


These are just some of the benefits of beard oil. With beard oil, you can take you beard game to an entirely new level. Whether it is growing a stronger healthier beard or seeking the attention of peers, beard oil will only be advantageous to your beard. So get out there and find the beard oil you’ve always been looking for and check out our Magnum Beard Oil for all your beard care needs